5 dog photos that seem like April Fools jokes

photos that seem like april fools jokes

  • Pets can get into the most bizarre and hilarious-looking situations that it seems like a prank.
  • These photos seem like the dogs are pranking their humans for April Fools!
  • Some dogs are just natural pranksters: one dog pretends she’s lost while another pretends he’s sick to get more love.

Pets can be natural pranksters — and they can fool you all year round, not just on April Fools Day.

Cats have a knack for toppling over water glasses or just about anything on the table. Dogs, meanwhile, tend to know exactly what trick to employ to catch us off guard.

Check out these 5 pups who made their humans check their calendar to see if it’s April Fools Day.

1. The Dog with the Human Teeth

dog photos that seem like April Fools jokes

Maggie’s dad took his dentures out before taking a nap. But when he woke up, it was nowhere to be found.

It turned out that Maggie wanted to try human teeth for a change!

2. The Dog who Melted

dog photos that seem like April Fools jokes

Like most pet parents, Kennedy Simmons loves taking selfies with his rescue, Sparky. But the pup seems to have had enough of the photoshoots and wants nothing to do with them.

So, everytime his dad would try to take a picture, he would flop himself down and give his dad the meanest side-eye.

3. The Dog who Called in Sick


Faking sick has been a tactic of kids and adults alike when they want to stay home. Sullivan seems to have picked up this trick.

Whenever he wants his parents to stay home and spend time with him, he fakes a cough so his parents would worry about him. His plan backfired once, however. His fake cough was so convincing that his parents took him to the vet!

4. The 2-Legged Dog

dog photos that seem like April Fools jokes

Dewey’s mom, Sadie Swicker, was trying to take a panoramic shot of the snowy countryside. But because he ran into the shot, his mom ended up taking a bizarre-looking photo.

β€œWhen I saw it, I had to do a double-take. It literally looks like a Photoshopped two-legged, yellow snow animal β€” it was the most perfect panorama gone wrong,” Sadie shared.

5. The “Lost” Dog


Harper loves attention so much that she would even trick people into giving her love. She had a habit of wandering outside her home pretending she’s lost, so that passersby would give her attention.

Her owners decided to make a sign to warn onlookers about her scam. Still, people decide to stop and give Harper some love.

Source: The Dodo

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