Dog Gets Attention from Passersby by Pretending she’s Lost

Dog Gets Attention from Passersby by Pretending she's Lost

  • Harper, a 3-year-old rescue dog, has been chilling outside her home pretending she’s lost so she can get attention from passersby.
  • One passerby fell for it and thought Harper was lost until she saw the hilarious sign that warned her about the petting scam.
  • Still, she decided to give the pup the pets she asked for.

Harper the dog has found a clever way to get attention and pets from passersby.

Alyson Aguerrebere nearly fell for Harper’s “scam” while she was out running in Long Beach, California.

When she spotted a small white dog on the sidewalk, she was worried that the pup wasn’t on a leash.

She recalled, “She just looked lost. She was staring at me from, like, 40 feet away as I approached her, and it wasn’t until I reached her that I saw the sign.”

Dog Gets Attention from Passersby by Pretending she's Lost
Photo Credit: Alyson Aguerrebere

It was then that Alyson realized that the little dog was running a scam to receive pets and attention — and that she nearly fell for it.

The large sign on the lawn, which also had the pup’s photo and Instagram handle, read: “I’m Harper. I live here. I pretend to be lost so you’ll stop and pet me.”

Dog Gets Attention from Passersby by Pretending she's Lost
Photo Credit: Alyson Aguerrebere

Alyson found the sign “hilarious,” and realized that a lot of people have fallen for Harper’s tricks.

Still, she decided to sit down and give the pup what she asked for. And Harper quickly rolled over to ask for belly rubs!

Alyson ended up “petting her and rubbing her belly for probably 25 minutes.”



Harper’s owner eventually saw them “and was like, ‘Oh, did she trick you into giving her love?’” Alyson shared. “She said she does it constantly, like several times a day, and that she never wants to go inside because she gets so much attention.”

The 3-year-old rescue dog receives all the love and attention she needs from her family, but she still seems to want more from strangers.



So she always chills outside to get attention from neighbors. In case you’re worrying, her family members said that Harper seems to have an invisible fence she doesn’t cross and that she’s only allowed outside when a family member’s nearby to keep watch.

Harper was so happy that Alyson came by to pet her, that she even climbed onto her lap at one point.

Photo Credit: Alyson Aguerrebere

The whole encounter was unexpected, but it definitely made both Alyson and Harper’s day.

You can keep up to date with Harper and her petting scam on Instagram.


Source: The Dodo

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