Pup Turns Liquid When He’s Tired of Taking Pictures

  • Sparky the dog has a limited tolerance when it comes to taking pictures.
  • So whenever he’s had enough of posing for the camera, he turns to liquid and appears boneless.
  • His melting stunt appears to be a tantrum to show his distaste for taking too many pictures.

If you thought only cats were liquid, Sparky the dog is about to prove you wrong.

The dog has turned to melting as a strategy to get out of taking pictures.

Photo Credit: Kennedy Simmons

Sparky’s dad, Kennedy Simmons, shared how Sparky only has a certain tolerance for taking pictures.

“Once he’s over it, he just flops himself down — it’s almost like he’s throwing a tantrum. He becomes limp,” Kennedy told The Dodo. “And every once in a while, he’ll side-eye me and give me the meanest look, like, ‘Are we done yet?’”

Kennedy, who works as a veterinary assistant, has been known to take in special needs dogs. Sparky, a young Italian greyhound, was surrendered to the veterinary office by his previous family.

Photo Credit: Kennedy Simmons

Kennedy shared, “They were a great family, but he had to get surgery, and they were so afraid to let him do anything after he broke his leg. They genuinely wanted him to have a good puppyhood with someone who wouldn’t be afraid to let him do anything anymore.”

Sparky had to undergo surgery to have his leg removed. Despite the missing leg, it never slowed the pup down.

Photo Credit: Kennedy Simmons

Kennedy described Sparky as being “wild since day one.”

He added, “If you don’t have eyes on Sparky, he’s getting into something. If he’s out of your sight, he’s either snatching a piece of food from the table or grabbing a sock out of the hamper.”

The 11-pound pup is also fearless around other dogs, no matter their size.

Kennedy shared, “He’s friends with the little dogs, he’s friends with the giant dogs. He’s so obnoxious with other dogs — he bites their tails and ears. But every dog ends up loving him and is just so tolerant of him. He’s never been told ‘no’ by any dog.”

Photo Credit: Kennedy Simmons

Sparky’s aversion to photoshoots only makes him more beloved by Kennedy.

Kennedy shared, “I’ve had several other dogs who were special needs, and he’s just got something so special. He’s just a little ray of sunshine when you get home. His name is so fitting — he’s got a spark in his eye, and he brings so much joy to everyone because he’s really not afraid of anything.”

Check out more of Sparky’s quirks on Instagram.

Source: MSN

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