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Manager’s Quick Thinking Saves Baby’s Life in Pennsylvania



Quick Smiles:

  • Becky Arbaugh, a Taco Bell manager in Richboro, Pennsylvania, saves a baby’s life by performing CPR.
  • Arbaugh’s quick thinking and action were praised by the EMTs on the scene, who said she saved the baby’s life.
  • Taco Bell and Arbaugh’s colleagues have expressed their pride and appreciation for her heroic act.

At a Taco Bell in Richboro, just outside of Philadelphia, a regular day took a dramatic turn for manager Becky Arbaugh. She wasn’t in the midst of the lunch rush, but her presence proved to be life-saving.

A scream echoed from the drive-through window, followed by the chilling words, ‘call 911 the baby isn’t breathing!’ Arbaugh didn’t hesitate. She cast aside her headset and rushed to assess the situation.

Outside the drive-through window, a horrifying sight met her eyes. Natasha Long was holding her 11-week-old son Myles, who appeared lifeless and blue.

“The mom was panicked,” Arbaugh shared. “I told her to give him to me and I performed CPR. I was trying to calm her down and comfort her and reassure her that he will be fine.”

Arbaugh’s actions were not in vain. “The baby finally started to breathe. The ambulance came pretty quickly and then they took over,” she recounted. The EMTs on the scene acknowledged her heroic act, stating, “The EMT said I saved his life.”

Myles was fortunate that day. Arbaugh, a mother of four, had previous experience with CPR due to her daughter’s medical complications. She had already restarted her daughter’s heart a few times.

In response to the incident, a Taco Bell spokesperson expressed the company’s pride in Arbaugh’s actions. In an emailed statement, they said, “We are incredibly proud of Becky for her heroic act earlier this week. We are getting in touch to express appreciation for her quick actions and kindness.”


Arbaugh’s colleagues, referred to as her “Taco Bell family”, showered her with messages of appreciation. Natasha Long, the mother of the saved baby, also expressed her gratitude in a phone call the following day.

The incident serves as a reminder of the power of quick thinking and the importance of knowing life-saving skills like CPR. It’s a story that brings a smile to your face, knowing that in a moment of crisis, there are people like Becky Arbaugh ready to step in and make a difference.