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6-Year-Old Boy Gives Up Shopping Spree At Toy Store, Gives The Money To Homeless Person [Video]



  • Two YouTubers ran a shopping spree video with a little boy, giving him $600 to buy whatever he wanted from a toy store.
  • The boy changed his mind, put the toys back and donated the money to homeless people instead.
  • His father, Paul Wood, was speechless with surprise and pride.

It goes without saying that when it comes to caring for one another, the lessons are better learned from children.

Paul Wood and Paul Klein decided on a shopping spree video in place of the usual prank and challenge videos they would run on their YouTube channel. Paul Wood handed $600 to his son, Bailey Wood, 6 years old, and told him to buy whatever he wanted from the toy store.

The shopping spree at Hamleys happened back in August, turned out differently from what was planned out.

Facebook | Woody & Kleiny

The boy made his way inside the store, eager to choose which toys he would bring home. He had his favorites inside his shopping bag, but the boy started putting all the items on his basket back into the shelves.

Facebook | Woody & Kleiny

Paul Wood and Paul Klein were confused, but the boy said, “I know what I want to spend it on.” He asked for the money and walked out of the toy store.  

Facebook | Woody & Kleiny

Bailey walked towards the homeless man on the street and put some of the cash into his cup. His face lit up after the quick donation and placed his hand over his heart in a show of gratitude, albeit stunned about the generosity.

The altruism from the boy is unbelievable that his father could not believe his eyes. He was speechless with surprise and pride. Paul Wood cried, but this was not even the best part. Bailey said that he wanted to give the rest of the money away.

Facebook | Woody & Kleiny

“Lots of people don’t have that much money, so like I just wanna give it away,” Bailey said. “Daddy always buys me toys, and he needed it more than I did.”

Bailey is a sweetheart. The little boy sure made his parents proud after this, proving that he was raised to love and respect the people around him. The world needs people like him!

Source: Inspire More