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89-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Guy Receives $12K Tip From His Favorite Customer And His TikTok Fans! [Video]



  • Carlos Valdez and his family love pizza and even have a favorite delivery guy, Derlin Newey.
  • Derlin is already 89 years old but still works in order to support his Social Security.
  • That’s why Carlos asked for help from his TikTok followers and raised $12,000 for Derlin!

While many people prefer otherwise, Carlos Valdez and his wife have always loved pineapple on pizza. That’s what they always order from the Papa John’s store in Roy, Utah. They also prefer it to be delivered by Derlin Newey, their favorite deliveryman.

Derlin is not your regular delivery guy. He is already 89 years old but still works hard with a positive attitude and cheerful personality.

The Valdezes have fallen in love with his catchphrase: “Hello, are you looking for some pizza?”

They were so fascinated with Derlin’s charismatic aura that they started recording his deliveries and shared them on TikTok. Not long after, Derlin became a hit among their 53,000 followers on the platform.

While many of the fans love Derlin’s charm, they also expressed concern about the fact that he is elderly and still out working for hours. That’s why the family thought of raising funds for the man through their concerned fans.

And the response was overwhelming!

Photo Credit: Carlos Valdez

“Collectively as a TikTok community, we all came together, and we were able to raise $12,000 for this amazing person,” Carlos told KLS.

On Tuesday, Derlin received a shocking surprise at his home, delivered right at his doorstep by Carlos, who was holding a t-shirt on one hand with a print: ‘Hello, are you looking for some pizza?’ and the $12,069 on the other!

Derlin, who was a former ski champion, works about 30 hours every week to support his Social Security. Receiving the gift was a huge relief for him — he was overwhelmed with happiness!


“How do I ever say thank you? I don’t know what to say,” he told Deseret News.

Carlos was simply happy to be able to help Derlin who has constantly delivered not just pizza, but joy to his family.

“This couldn’t have gone any better,” he said. “He needed this. I’m just glad we could help him. We just need to treat people with kindness and respect the way he does. He stole our hearts.”

Source: Good News Network