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Abandoned Cat Who Has Not Moved From A Spot, Meowed In Gratitude To Rescuer [Video]



  • Workers have been observing a cat dumped in a covered spot on the side of a building that has not moved and is too scared to eat.
  • When Meagan Licari came to rescue the cat, it immediately meowed and jumped to her lap and willingly went inside a carrier.
  • The cat who is now called Capone has been adopted and is living the good life in an NYC apartment.

A cat has been frozen in place in an office spot where he was dumped. Workers from across the street noticed that the cat had not moved from a pile of trash since they first saw the feline, a few days ago.

Rescuer Meagan Licari said that the workers told her that the cat was in his exact same spot, scared and terrified, he would barely eat.

But when Licari petted him, the cat meowed as if thanking her for noticing him and coming to him.

The cat immediately jumped into her lap, as if dying for love.  Licari said, “It was amazing because I knew how scared he was. He is the most gentle and sweet boy — a complete lap cat.”

Photo Credit; Meagan Licari

Licari immediately knew that the cat was not a street cat. His matted fur and infected ears gave it all away.

With the positive response that she got, Licari could not bear to leave the cat behind.  The only thing that was making her hesitate is that she only had a dog carrier!  But she needed to get the cat to safety.

Photo Credit; Meagan Licari

And to her surprise and relief, Capone the cat walked into the carrier without much coaxing.

Licari said that after being rescued, Capone has been adopted and happily settled into a pampered life by his new parents.

Licari said, “There is no better feeling than seeing cats go from laying in a pile of garbage to living in a fancy apartment in NYC.” Licari added. “It’s what inspires me to keep going.”

Source: The Dodo