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Abandoned pit bull is now healthy and happy thanks to foster mom [Video]



  • Daenerys was emaciated by the time she was found abandoned at her previous owners’ apartment.
  • Despite all she’s been through, she’s still such a sweet and loving pit bull.
  • Now, thanks to her foster mom, she’s healthy enough to be part of a new forever home!
Pittie Abandoned In An Apartment Is The Toughest Little Chick

She’s so happy to swim in the lake, she can’t stop biting the water ????Posted by The Dodo on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Daenerys seemed to already be knocking at death’s door when she was found abandoned at her previous owners’ apartment. She weighed only 25 pounds, and nobody knew how long she had been left alone! She was only discovered when someone stopped by to change the apartment’s locks.

daenerys during rescue
Photo Credit: Facebook

Tara, a foster pet mom, was immediately contacted — and it saved the sweet pit bull’s life. Daenerys was soon nursed back to health.

Daenerys has been a sweet, loving pit bull even when she was in poor health.

“She did not seem scared at all of any of us. She never growled. Never backed away. Never shied away. She would even lean in for a scratch,” Tara shared.

Daenerys was soon playing again once she regained her health.

Photo Credit: Instagram

She eventually gained the weight she needed as the weeks went by. The already sweet pit bull grew more and more loving by the day.

Photo Credit: Instagram

She also loves cuddling with her foster mom!

Daenerys may be about 7 years old, but that doesn’t make her too old for fun, new experiences!

So Tara treated her to a trip to the lake. Daenerys was so excited!

“It just made me so happy. It was like her really being a dog for the first time,” Tara shared.

daenerys swimming
Photo Credit: Facebook

Thanks to Tara, Daenerys is now healthy enough to be part of a new forever home.

Interested pet parents can apply at the Phoenix-based rescue BB’s Honor.


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