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Adorable Mama Bear And Cubs Reunite, Thanks To Animal Rescuers



  • A gas company found a sleeping bear in the crawl space of a house that reported a gas leak.
  • Mama Bear left three cubs in the space and the babies were taken by Appalachian Bear Rescue.  
  • Mama Bear came back after several days and the animal rescuers were able to reunite the family.

As crew members of a gas company examined the crawl space of a house in Knoxville, Tennessee, they chanced upon a slumbering bear.  The homeowner reported a gas leak and so the crew had to force a bear to find a new place to hibernate. They informed the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) to help them with the task. 

Because of its size and the absence of cub sounds in its “burrow”, they assumed it was a male bear.

Photo Credit: @AppalachianBearRescue (Facebook)

When they returned a few days after to check if the bear had really relocated, they found three cubs instead. They also found out that it was a Mama Bear and she was nowhere to be found. The all-female 2-pounder and just a few weeks old trio were handed over to the Appalachian Bear Rescue and were named Jasmine, Jeannie, and Magic Bear. 

They thought that with the gas leak, the mama bear would not come back for her babies.  So, the rescuers searched for surrogate mamas to rear the cubs.

Photo Credit: @AppalachianBearRescue (Facebook)

But surprise, surprise, she returned to look for her babies according to Appalachian Bear Rescue’s Facebook post!

They wrote, “Cubs in the wild are generally quiet; they don’t want to attract attention. However, when they’re hungry, frightened, or cold, they SCREAM. They want to attract their mother. It works.”

Photo Credit: @AppalachianBearRescue (Facebook)

The homeowner allowed the bear family to be reunited and so when the rescuers brought the cubs back, they made a ruckus that their mama did not have any choice but poke her nose into the crawl space. The rescuers gently gave the cubs to her and what a sweet reunion it was.

In their monitoring of the growing family, the team from the Appalachian Bear Rescue have heard the babies “trilling” as they nurse from their mom.

Source: Inspire More