After the chaos in a shelter, dog gets to sleep peacefully in her new home

  • Peppa has been having problems having a restful sleep as the shelter is overcrowded.
  • The first night in her forever home, she slept so peacefully and even snored like a tired mechanic.
  • But Peppa will always have time for her little sister when she wants to play with her.

The shelter may be a step up from living on the streets, but if it is overcrowded, it is not conducive for a peaceful sleep.

For the 6-month-old Chinese Shar Pei, Peppa, getting adopted gave her the best sleep she has ever had in her life.  Her uncertainties have floated away and she can now rest.

Her new mom Loren Montgomery said that the first day that Peppa went home with them, she slept all day long but has now adjusted to just a good part of the day and at night, like her humans.

Photo Credit: Loren Montgomery

Montgomery recalled of the first night, “She got a good bath, she ate, and she’s been sleeping like she hasn’t slept in years. She snored like an exhausted mechanic her first night.”

The only interruption to Peppa’s sleep is her little sister Bonet who wakes her up to play. “They play-fight until they get tired, relax and play-fight again over and over until it’s time to sleep again,” Montgomery said.

Photo Credit: Loren Montgomery

Peppa is slowly adjusting to her new life and has gotten out of her shell.  Montgomery said that when they first took Peppa in, she was very timid and wouldn’t look at them.  She would just look at the ground.

Montgomery said, it has been a learning experience for her to be Peppa’s mom as Peppa has made her more patient by how chill and mellow Peppa is.  “She calms me.”

And so, she lets Peppa get her restful and sound sleep, for they have both found their peace. 

Source: The Dodo

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“For the 6-month-old Chinese Shar Pei”

“and she’s been sleeping like she hasn’t slept in years”

Well, which is it? How can a 6-month old dog have slept for YEARS?