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Blind Dog Found Friendship With A Volunteer Whose Voice Is A Guiding Light In His World Of Darkness [Video]



  • Arafa is a blind stray dog who was rescued by the shelter where Ahmed volunteers.
  • Ahmed and Arafa have become best friends and quite inseparable.
  • Just by listening to Ahmed’s voice whenever he calls the dog’s name, Arafa would come rushing to be with him.

Arafa may be blind but he is such a very sweet dog — and she proved she’s got a lot of love to share with others. 

His best friend, Ahmed Embaby, can attest to that. 

The Dodo | Ahmed Embaby

Ahmed volunteers for  Furever Rescue Foster — a shelter in Cairo, Egypt, that rescues dogs in need. It is where Ahmed Arafa for the first time after he was rescued from being astray. On top of the difficulties that Arafa went through living on the streets, he is also blind. 

“He came to us blind,” Ahmed told The Dodo. “Arafa is one of the hundreds of dogs we have rescued.”

The Dodo | Ahmed Embaby

Now that the poor dog is in safe hands, Ahmed makes sure that he is being cared for always. 

The two of them bonded quickly. In fact, Arafa always wanted to be on Ahmed’s side and follow him wherever he goes.

“Arafa is my blind guardian, following me the whole day,” Embaby said.

The Dodo | Ahmed Embaby

Every morning, once he arrives at the shelter, Ahmed would call Arafa’s name, and he would come rushing to him right away. 

Ahmed’s voice is like a light that guides Arafa in his dark world.

“It is exhilarating,” Ahmed said. “It never ceases to amaze me the euphoria that Arafa shows when I show up at the Furever Shelter. It just goes to show that a dog’s love is unconditional and extraordinarily pure.”

Although there is no more chance to restore Arafa’s sight, he is very healthy physically and emotionally. His improvement is credited to the dedication of the staffers in the shelter.

The Dodo | Ahmed Embaby

“He is doing great,” Ahmed said. “I can’t even begin to describe the joy I feel when we see our rescues getting better. The dogs’ unconditional gratitude and love is inspiring, their ability to keep going in life is beyond belief.”

While the ultimate goal is to find his forever home, for now, Arafa and Ahmed got each other as best friends. 


Source: The Dodo