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Blind pit bull obsessed with blankets acts like a normal pup [Video]



  • Sally, a blind pit bull, is capable of doing things around.
  • She’s obsessed with blankets that she always finds one around the house and just chews on it.
  • Her mom said that her incapability to see has never hindered her to live like a normal pup.

This is Sally, and her story would make you fall in love with her.

When Sally was found on the road, she looked beaten. It looked like the poor pup was hit by a car and attacked by an animal. Her eyes bulged out of her head, reason why they were removed right away.

Sally was actually already microchipped, with the name of his owner who did not, however, take her back.

When her now-mom Halle saw her SPCA photo, she went to meet her, and that marked the start of their journey as a family.

When Halle and her family brought her home, she jumped on the couch and grabbed the blanked on it instantly. Since then, she’s become obsessed with blankets. The family has sacrificed so many blankets for her, but they don’t mind. They’re happy seeing how happy she is chewing on it.

“People think I’m crazy when I say she’s like my child but she is. I’m currently a college student so I still live at home with my mom,” Halle said.

Despite her blindness, Sally is a happy pup. She’s goofy and “very chill,” and she loves to bask in the warmth of the sun and play in the yard, like a normal dog.

“Every morning she goes straight to my mom’s door even if my mom’s not home. She’ll walk over there and wait for her. She knows which one’s my mom’s, she knows which one’s my door,” Halle said.

Sally can even maneuver around the house herself. There was a time she came to the laundry room at the basement just to get two blankets, which she dragged all the way upstairs.


“If there’s a towel and there’s a blanket, she knows which one is the blanket. She won’t pick up a towel,” Halle shared.

Just like other pooches, there are things that scare Sally, such as loud noises.

“If a car comes by, she completely freezes, and she shakes if there’s a fly or a bug in the house and somebody goes to swat it with a magazine. She gets really scared so I stopped what I’m doing and I pet her I calm her down,” the doting fur mom said.

Sally may be blind, and her breed is something that scares most people. But Halle said that she’s never seen her “aggressive or mean or anything.” Instead, she remains to be a “very kind dog.”

Halle added, “I just don’t know that trauma that she’s been through. I just want her to know that I will never let anything happen to her.”

Source: GeoBeats Animals