Boy Could Not Believe That Giving A Stranger $1.50 Could Get Him Eagles-Giants Tickets [Video]

  • A family in Philadelphia could not believe that their boy handing out $1.50 to a stranger could land them in an Eagles game.
  • Social media personality Zachery Dereniowski’s MO is to go to different places around the globe and find people performing acts of kindness.
  • He was the recipient of the Philly family’s kindness and he rewarded them with tickets to the Eagles game and $500.

Zachery Dereniowski is the man behind the social media account, mdmotivator. He goes around the globe looking for people who perform acts of good deeds.  His rewards are not always just monetary.  He gives out gift cards and tickets to games, among others.

One Saturday, he landed in a Philadelphia parking lot where Bryanne Mckant and her 8-year-old son, Mason McBride, were on a Saturday trip to ShopRite to pick up wings and hoagies for the Birds game at ShopRite.

Dereniowksi said, “I walked the streets of Philadelphia looking for a kind stranger with this incredible opportunity, and then we came across Mason.”

Photo Credit: 6abc Philadelphia (YouTube)

He asked for $1.50 from the mother and son and Mcknant dug into her purse and console of her car to hand out the amount to him. He then gave the money back to the Mackant and surprised the family with $500 and the tickets to the Eagles-Giants playoff game!

Dereniowski added, “He’s seeing just how to act and that was beautiful.”

Photo Credit: 6abc Philadelphia (YouTube)

That act of kindness has landed Mason and his dad, Darryl on the field at their first-ever Eagles game, meeting the players and enjoying the team’s win.

Mackant is still in shock at what happened. She said, “I just say help, that’s it. Because you’ll never know when you’re on that other end and you need the help.”

Photo Credit: 6abc Philadelphia (YouTube)

She added that she’s not even going to lie. She believes that God literally just dropped Dereniowski out of the sky.

But for Dereniowski, it’s a Philly thing. Just be kind.

Source: CBS News

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