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Brave Trio Of Teenagers Rushed To Save Residents and Pets From A Burning House In Georgia



  • High School football players Kai Keller, Pearson Blair, and Ryan Seymour saw a house burning in Georgia and without second thoughts, they rushed to help save lives.
  • The community was left awestruck with the bravery of these 14-year-old trios and called them heroes.
  • Their football coach was also very happy and said their families should be very proud of them.

Three teenagers rushed into action without hesitation to save the residents and their pets from a burning home in Georgia. Now they are greatly praised as heroes!

Kai Keller, Pearson Blair, and Ryan Seymour were hanging out together on a Saturday afternoon when they spotted a burning house, Jason Nash, Head Football Coach of South Paulding High School posted on Twitter.


Without hesitation, the 14-year-olds jumped to get the residents and their pets to safety which left the community awestruck by their act of heroism.

“It amazes me that three 14-year-old boys jumped into action without hesitation,” their coach told PEOPLE. “My first reaction was a great big smile and to show my wife about how courageous these three were.


“I am beyond proud of them, and they deserve every bit of recognition they can get.”

According to WSB-TV, a local ABC affiliate, when the boys had first seen the blazing fire, Pearson rushed inside so as to save a child and a Great Dane dog.

At the same time, Kai and Ryan did their best to find water hoses to put the fire out. 

It is still unclear where the fire started but it was raging that it broke windows. PEOPLE is still waiting for a comment from the Paulding County Fire Department.


Coach Jason shared photos of the teenagers on Twitter along with a caption that says, “Being selfless & a good human being isn’t hard. Proud to call them SPARTANS.”


Jason describes the three as “true teammates” and that their family should be very proud of them.

While they are being praised for their good deeds, the trio just considers it doing what needs to be done.

“As their head coach, I’m proud because my staff and I are always preaching about how football is bigger than the individual,” Jason said. “It extends into our communities and to those who can not help themselves and we should always set the bar when it comes to being good students, friends, siblings, sons, future husbands, and men of character and action.”

Source: PEOPLE