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Can You Ace This ‘Spot The Cat’ Game?



  • Norah developed a habit wherein she sleeps in out-of-the-way spots around the house.
  • This behavior makes it difficult for her parents whenever they are looking for her.
  • They decided to post about their predicament on social media and started a “spot the cat” game online.

Kate Hinds volunteers at an animal rescue group. One day, she wound up bringing a young gray and white cat home with her after the little kitten caught her attention: Norah.

Norah has been with the family for about a decade, devoted to the people around her since the first day that she set foot into their household.  

“My daughters adore her,” Kate said. “Some days I feel like my cat has a full-time live-in staff of four people.”

Clearly, she is accustomed to this life. Norah developed this habit wherein she sleeps in out-of-the-way spots around the house.

Can you find Norah?

Still can’t find her?

During the day, she sleeps in whatever spot she’s in the groove of,” Kate said. “Lately, it’s behind the television, which is one of her favorite summer locations. If we can’t find her we’ll say, ‘Norah must be in her summer home.’”

This started a series of pictures of the cat in special hiding places inside their house. These posted on social media. Their apartment is on the smaller side, but this does not make the search for the sneaky can any easier.

“We know 99 percent of her hiding spaces. Usually, I can find her right away. But sometimes she’ll find a new spot,” Kate said. “When my daughter went to college, Norah took to climbing the ladder and sleeping in her bunk bed — that took me a couple of hours to figure out.”

Can you find Norah?

Can you find her?

“She also sometimes sleeps behind my plants, which can be very risky, because sometimes she’ll knock them over when she jumps off,” Kate said. “And yes, I’ve arranged my plants so that the poisonous ones are out of her reach.”

And … here she is!

Sure, the adorable cat has a knack for hiding, but this does not keep her from what she loves most of all. Norah makes it a point that she comes out of her hiding place to spend some quality time with her family.

“She’ll sit with us at the dinner table,” Kate said. “Then she’ll settle in the living room and sit on my lap while I read or watch TV. She purrs like the engine of an old VW Beetle. It’s the best.”

Source: The Dodo