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Cat Loves Relaxing In The Sink So Her Parents Bought One Exclusively For Her!



  • Lazuli loves staying in the sinks around their house so much that her parents decided to buy her one.
  • Since she and her sister stay in their own room, their parents put the sink in there exclusively for her.
  • Good thing her other cat siblings do not have interest on the sink so she has it all for herself.

Lazuli and her sister Lapis were just little kittens when their new family adopted them. Shortly after, they discovered Lazuli absolutely loves staying in the sinks!

The tiny cat would spend her day relaxing in the sinks around the house. She’s clearly obsessed with them that her parents decided to buy one exclusively for her!

Photo Credit: Brennan

“She kept sneaking into the bathrooms as we were leaving them to relax in sinks and then would yell for help when she realized she was stuck in there without the rest of her pack/pride,” Lazuli’s dad, Brennan, told The Dodo. 

The cats’ parents decided to put a sink in their own room. “It was only like 30 bucks which isn’t really much more than most cat trees and toys, so it was worth it,” Brennan said. “It’s not even heavy like you would think so it was easy to set up for her.”

Photo Credit: Brennan

Of course, Lazuli doesn’t care about the cost at all, as long as it’s hers, then she’s absolutely happy! After it was done setting up, the look of happiness on her face was so adorable!

“She’s essentially saying … ‘Really?! My own sink just for me,’” Brennan said. 

Photo Credit: Brennan

Every chance Lazuli gets, she’d be seen lying in her own sink and relaxing. Luckily, the other cats in the house do not take much interest in sinks like her so she has it all for herself. 

“It’s quite popular in the summer, but only with Lazuli,” Brennan said. “The other cats don’t seem to care about it.”

If I were a cat, I’d be Lazuli’s competition because I think staying in the sink is a great idea! Congratulations to your new sink Lazuli!

Source: The Dodo