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Cat Sanctuary Gets a Playground Upgrade: “People Care About Them”



Quick Smiles:

  • Furball Farm in Faribault, Minnesota introduces a new outdoor space for feral cats to play.
  • Founder Julie Maverts has rescued hundreds, with many finding their forever homes.
  • Zooming or climbing? The new space offers something for every kitty’s style!

Nestled in Faribault, Minnesota, the Furball Farm has rolled out the purr-fect outdoor treat for their dozens of feral cat rescues.

This fantastic outdoor haven was thoughtfully constructed by dedicated staff and volunteers. Their mission? To give these once-wary felines a chance to mingle, play, and grow accustomed to human interaction.

CBS mentions that many of these cats, previously untouchable, have now come to adore their human companions.

Julie Maverts, the kind-hearted founder of Furball Farm, began this endeavor six years ago in her own garage. Recognizing the feral nature of many of these cats, she believed in the therapeutic essence of nature.

“We will only accept cats from clinics/rescues/impound/humane societies that are deemed unadoptable due to behavior,” their site declares.


The numbers speak for themselves. Julie’s efforts have led to hundreds of stray cats finding homes. Benefiting from generous donations, she’s also managed to offer affordable spaying, neutering, and essential treatments for fleas and worms.

When you drop by between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., you’ll find the sanctuary spotlessly maintained, thanks to the hard work of volunteers. Some devote a couple of hours, while others contribute a whopping 20.

“People care about them. They’re not just nuisance cats trying to struggle outside,” Julie shared.

She further paints a warm picture, “These guys can enjoy the weather and then go in when they’re cold. When they’re hungry, they can go in and get food. I think they’re gonna be a lot happier because they’re in their natural environment. Yes, they can’t actually leave this area but it’s home.”

Whether a cat has a penchant for darting around or prefers scaling heights, this space offers a mix of grassy expanses and overhead catwalks for every furry personality.

While the shelter’s video tour can’t be directly embedded here, it’s just a click away on their Facebook page. Don’t miss it!