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Cat Takes 70-Mile Joyride in Strangers’ Cars



Quick Smiles:

  • Sox, a ginger tabby cat, took a spontaneous 70-mile joyride by hopping into two cars across the south of England, from Herne Bay, Kent to Wallington in south London.
  • His owner, Jessica Roe, is accustomed to his adventurous streak, having found him in various unexpected locations, including a nightclub, schools, offices, a swimming pool, an Amazon delivery truck, and a kebab shop.
  • Roe has set up a Facebook page to track Sox’s whereabouts, and thanks to a follower who spotted Sox, he was able to return home safely after his most recent adventure.

Hold on to your catnip, cat lovers!

This is the story of Sox, the globe-trotting feline who loves to go on unplanned car trips, completely uninvited!

This is no ordinary house cat, but an adventurer who has ridden more miles than some people have walked.

This ginger tabby found himself in the spotlight when he hopped into not one, but two cars for an unexpected 70-mile joyride across the south of England.

Starting in Herne Bay, Kent, Sox first snuck into a vehicle headed for Whitstable.

His unsuspecting chauffeur was quite surprised when she discovered him lounging in her car!

She tried to take him to the vet, but Sox, with the spirit of a true roadrunner, made a quick escape.


But one joyride wasn’t enough for Sox.

He then hitched another ride, this time to Wallington in south London.

BBC News reported that the driver, Jacqui O’Connor, was on her way home from Whitstable to London when she noticed Sox casually lounging in her car.

“We were driving down the motorway, singing along as you do on the drive home, chatting away, and all of a sudden this head pops in between the two chairs,” O’Connor recounted.

But according to Jessica Roe, Sox’s owner, these kinds of antics are all in a day’s work for the adventurous cat.

In the past, she’s found him in various unexpected locations like a nightclub, schools, offices, a swimming pool, an Amazon delivery truck, and even a kebab shop!


“I jokingly said, ‘Oh God, as long as he doesn’t get on the train to London, we’ll be okay,’” Roe told BBC News.

“My boys are 6 and 8 and he’s given me good practice for when they get older and want picking up,” she said with a chuckle.

And Sox’s escapades have not gone unnoticed online.

After seeing her cat appear on a local Facebook page eight times in two weeks, Roe set up a page just for tracking Sox’s whereabouts.

Sox, ever the free spirit, returned home safely on Tuesday night when a follower of the page spotted him and kindly offered him a lift back.

Here’s to Sox, the ginger explorer, spreading smiles and turning every vehicle into his personal catmobile!


Keep adventuring, little buddy!