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Cat’s Curiosity Kills The Clock



  • Cat mom’s clock on the wall always tells the wrong time even with fixing and change of batteries.
  • It turns out that Willow the cat has been swatting at the clock’s hands.
  • She was caught on camera and she did not even look guilty.

After months of wondering why her clock always ends up telling the wrong time, Cat mom Michelle O’Connor finally finds out why.

Willow, her beloved cat!

It is in a cat’s DNA to be curious. Willow is a fine example.  

O’Connor said that ever since Willow was a kitty, she would jump on open cupboards and drawers and would get inside bags.

Photo Credit: Michelle O’Connor

“If you remove Willow, she meows in a temper tantrum. She’s always doing things she shouldn’t be like chasing the dog so she’s affectionately known as twat cat,” added O’Connor.

Anything that is in the house is fair game for Willow.  Nothing escapes her even the ones that her family thinks she won’t get to or know of. She will find a way and explore it. 

Just like the clock hanging on the wall which O’Connor said tells the wrong time even with repeated fixing.  She even changed the batteries again after having it replaced weeks before.

She was ready to accept that the clock would always tell the wrong time.  But then her daughter caught Willow swatting at the clock’s hands!

Photo Credit: Michelle O’Connor

So all this time, Willow has been reaching up to the clock and pummeling on its hands. And boy was she not happy when her secret was uncovered.

O’Connor said, “My daughter caught her red-handed and sent me the film. No guilt from her whatsoever. She just meowed in temper when she was stopped.” 

With the clock being watched by her family, Willow would have to summon all her powers to have a go at the clock’s hands at the same time not get caught!


And so far, she has not been caught attempting to.

Source: The Dodo