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Charlie the Labradoodle Saves Owner from RV Fire



Quick Smiles:

  • Charlie, a two-year-old Labradoodle, alerted his owner to a fire in an RV in Clovis, California, leading to a successful rescue of the people inside the burning homes.
  • The Clovis Fire Department honored Charlie for his heroism with a fire hat, badge, and a special “medal” from grateful neighbors.
  • The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of working smoke alarms and the incredible bond between humans and their canine companions.

In a heartwarming tale that’s sure to make you say “aww,” one good boy has proven that not all heroes wear capes – some have wagging tails and fluffy fur!

Meet Charlie, a two-year-old Labradoodle from Clovis, California, who saved his owner, Chad McCollum, from a fire in the nick of time.

Clovis Fire Department (Facebook)

Our story begins in the wee hours of the morning. At 3 a.m., an RV in Clovis burst into flames, threatening the lives of those inside. But fear not, because Charlie, the ever-vigilant Labradoodle, was on the case!

Sensing the danger, Charlie barked up a storm to alert his owner, who was blissfully unaware of the fire.

“Charlie was on fire with his barking – literally!” recalled Chad McCollum, according to local news channel ABC-30.

“I walk over to the corner of the yard where he’s barking, and I see the plume of smoke up in the sky and kind of an orange glow.”


Thanks to Charlie’s insistent woofs, McCollum was able to call 911 and rush to the burning homes to rescue their occupants. Talk about a doggone good deed!

With the combined efforts of Charlie, his owner, and the Clovis and Fresno Fire Departments, the blaze was extinguished, and no one was injured.

In recognition of his heroic actions, the Clovis Fire Department honored Charlie, who also happens to be part Dalmatian – you know, the classic firefighter’s best friend!

Charlie received a fire hat, badge, and a special “medal” from grateful neighbors, all of which were shared in a statement on the fire department’s Facebook page.

Of course, Charlie’s owner couldn’t let his furry hero go unrewarded. The fire department reported that Charlie was treated to “a special treat or two later that day.” Now that’s what we call a well-deserved snack!

“This incident is a great reminder that dogs are amazing,” read the statement from the Clovis Fire Department.


And they’re not wrong! Earlier in February, a three-year-old Pit Bull and Lab mix rescued its owner’s one-year-old daughter from a house fire in Detroit.

The fire department also used the opportunity to remind everyone that, while Charlie is undoubtedly a hero, he can’t be everywhere at once. So, make sure to check your smoke alarms and keep them in working order!

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation, but one thing’s for sure: Charlie the Labradoodle has earned his place in the pantheon of furry heroes.

With his quick thinking and persistent barking, he’s shown us that man’s best friend is always ready to lend a helping paw – or bark!

Source: People