Cute llamas wear pop culture costumes to spread joy

  • The TikTok account of llamas at the Prairie Patch Farm has 76.3K followers.
  • These llamas frequently wear costumes inspired by pop culture.
  • Their owner said she dresses the llamas to bring joy to people. 

On TikTok, the laid-back llama herd at Prairie Patch Farm has become famous for dressing up.

37-year-old Kahle Boutte, the llama’s owner, said:

“I love the joy that it brings people. That’s truly why we do it β€” to bring more happiness and hope and joy.”

The llamas have 1.5 million likes and 76.3K followers on Tik Tok (@prairiepatchfarm), where the farm animals frequently wear clothes inspired by Prince, Disney princesses, holidays, and more.


According to Boutte, the shock, surprise, and joy that it evokes in people are what drive her to create outfits for her llamas.

The llamas have recreated looks from blockbusters including Labyrinth, Napoleon Dynamite, the Spice Girls, David Bowie, and Encanto on social media.

Boutte adds:

“People have been dressing llamas for thousands of years. The costumes just kind of became a thing. Something really quirky and funny that we get to do with them.”


Earl, one of Prairie Patch Farm’s llamas, is particularly fond of it.

“Earl is just the most easy-going llama, he will let us put anything on him,” Boutte says. “He likes it. He knows when it’s dress-up time, and he’s like, ‘All right, I’m here for it.’ “


Since the 1980s, Boutte’s family has owned Prairie Patch Farm, a 50-acre nature preserve in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When Boutte’s uncle died about four and a half years ago, Boutte and her husband Andy bought the farm.

Boutte recognized an opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream of keeping pet llamas after they purchased the property, and three years ago she adopted two llamas.


Boutte began designing llama-corn (a combination of llama and unicorn) outfits after acquiring the first two llamas. Boutte dresses her llama herd in an elaborate group costume for the annual Llama-ween festival. She dressed them like mummies and pirates the first year. She did Llamas of Oz last year, dressing up the herd as characters from the Wizard of Oz.

Boutte, who previously worked as a music therapist, visits nursing homes and schools with the costumed llamas to spread more joy and love to the community. 


Prairie Patch Farm also has llama yoga courses and llama treks on the nature preserve where visitors can meet the llamas.

“It’s just been really fun spreading happiness,” Boutte says. “And doing something completely different than what people might see going to a zoo or a farm.”

Source: People

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