Dad who had limited schooling learns how to read and write from his daughter

  • Dad who only finished first grade now learns to read and write from his daughter.
  • The dad now knows how to write his name, read books solo and knows his vowels.
  • The best achievement for both daughter and dad is the bond that they have formed while learning.

Luciano Flores grew up in Mexico.  His family had scarce resources and his school was also limited.  He started working to provide for his family after first grade and had to stop schooling.  Thus, his inability to read and write.

But he had skills beyond reading and writing which allowed him to get by. When his daughter Lucy was just 3 years old, he moved his family to the United States and has worked in the construction industry all his life.  As his daughter Lucy said, “Because he works in construction, it’s not something where you have to sign things. It’s more math, which he is really good at.” He hid it from his friends and other people that he was unable to do these things.  He relied on his children to translate for him.

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Lucy on the other hand flourished in school even under financial difficulties and got to graduate from college— the first in her family and on both her parents’ sides.

One day, while teaching her preschool students, an idea came to her. Lucy said, “I was thinking to myself, I’m able to teach these children how to read and write, why am I not teaching my own father how to read and write? “So, we started about four months ago.”

Actually, when she was younger, she tried teaching her dad the skills to read and write but to no avail.

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But this time, even with the initial reluctance and hiding from everyone else, her dad now knows his vowels, reads some books alone and writes his name.  It took two hours, three days a week after work was done and four months to accomplish this achievement.

Lucy shares her and her dad’s journey on Tiktok, earning almost 100,000 followers who eagerly await their progress and even share lesson plans and send books and school supplies to them.

Lucy said, “I don’t know to this day if he understands how many people are watching him and following him. But I took it as an opportunity that would encourage him even more. I know that it has.”

@floresfamily_25 I am trying to find more creative ways for him to practice his letters that is not just a paper and a pencil 🫶🏽♥️ Comment Your Ideas 😄 @crayola #dadanddaughterlearningduo #schoolmaterials #crayola #mexicantiktok #traumahealing #traumahealing ♬ original sound – FloresFamily25

But to Lucy, her greatest achievement is the bond that was formed between her and her dad, and her three siblings as they did not really get along before.  Sitting down with her dad and making him learn new things has been life-changing for their family. They are now spending time with each other. 

Lucy said, “It’s been such an amazing time, that he gets to sit down with us, we get to learn with him. The last video I posted was him and I sitting in our backyard, drawing with chalk, and that’s nothing I’ve ever done with him in my whole life. None of my siblings have.”

What a way to learn and relearn life together.  We wish you the best, Flores Family!

Source: Good Morning America

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