Dad’s Hilarious Message To Family Group Chat: ‘I Can’t Live With This Pressure’

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  • A dad had to hilariously tell his family group chat that he couldn’t handle the pressure of constant interaction.
  • His daughter shared a screenshot of his message indicating several different reactions to cover all possible future messages.
  • He ended up getting a lot more messages since his daughter’s post went viral!

Sometimes the pressure of socializing can be too much for one person, especially if they’re surrounded by extroverts. It’s hard to avoid interactions at a time when we are inundated with group chats for every possible type of social and family circle.

A dad could no longer handle the pressure of having to deal with the constant stream of messages in their family group chat that he had to send a message putting his foot down.

His daughter, Allison D’Orazio, shared a screenshot of his message on Twitter.

Thomas wrote, “I can’t keep up with the pressure of always having to lol or like or heart everyone’s random thoughts, pics, and amusements. For all future texts: I love them, laugh at them, or like them unless it’s bad, then I dislike them. In perpetuity. I can’t live with this pressure. I’m out.”

Allison’s post quickly became viral, earning over 420,000 likes on Twitter — which led to more messages flooding her father. She wrote in a follow-up tweet, “My dad called me and said he ironically has a million texts to reply to now.”

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Poor Thomas has to deal with a lot more messages now!

Allison later wrote, “He’s surrounded by a bunch of extroverted girlies always doing something, and he just loves a simple life.”

She found it funny that her dad’s message tried to cover all bases.

Allison, 23, told Today that she was “sending pictures of every single stitch I was doing on a sewing project,” which might have overwhelmed her dad.

She said that the group chat also included her mom, Amy, and her 19-year-old sister, Alexa. She added, “The three of us are very extroverted and send random stuff all day long.”

Allison praised her dad for being “so kind and engaged with our lives — he’s like the perfect human being — and I think it was stressing him out that he can’t respond to all the messages.”

Thomas did not leave the group chat, but Allison doesn’t know if he muted it. In any case, his message seemed to have all possible interactions covered.

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