Daughter’s convincing PowerPoint finally gets her a cat

  • A smart kid used her powers of persuasion to ask for a pet cat — by making a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Aside from listing the benefits of having a pet cat, she promised that she would be responsible for taking care of it.
  • Her dad just couldn’t say no after all that!

Most of us have probably asked for pets several times during our childhood — and dealt with rejection.

One such kid took the rejection seriously, but she waited for her chance to bounce back with stronger persuasion skills.

Capitalizing on her father’s broken promise to get her a pet hamster, Christopher Doyle’s daughter armed herself with a very convincing PowerPoint presentation on why she should be allowed a pet cat.

She listed all the wonderful benefits of having a pet cat:


Peep the not-so-veiled threat: “You wouldn’t have to listen to me ask for a cat again.”


She brutally refers to her father’s failed promise to get her a hamster:


But she then suggests that all can be forgiven. She repeats that she would be completely responsible for all duties involving the cat’s care.


She adds that “It would literally be the happiest day of [her] life,” implying that any denial of her request will rob her of this.

She then concludes her already convincing presentation with a picture of an adorable kitten:


Now who could possibly say no to that?

Christopher soon found out just how many took his daughter’s side when his post went viral on Twitter.

Even Microsoft is convinced:

Christopher just couldn’t say no after all that.

He confirmed with The Dodo that they are “going to look at a rescue.”

His daughter certainly has the power of persuasion! And it has earned her a much-awaited pet.

Her brilliant idea also seems to have inspired her sibling:

Christopher may be expecting several new members of the family in the near future. We offer congratulations to his daughter, and we’re also grateful that they chose to adopt.

Source: The Dodo

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