‘Depressed’ Ram Now Living His Best Life After Woman Rescues Him From A Zoo

  • A ram has lived a depressing life for a decade in a zoo.
  • Once Rian Feldman of the Uncle Neil’s Home farm animal sanctuary saw him, she just could not take him out of her mind and swore she would rescue him.
  • Upon the approval of Feldman’s request, she brought her home to the sanctuary where the ram now lives his life happily getting the love he deserves.

If you see Huxley the ram now, you would not believe that he was ever lonely.  But for 10 years he lived alone in his enclosure and just pressed his face up against the fence.  One of his front legs was injured. He had no shelter. He had no friends. He was forlorn. 

“It was obvious that he had given up on life,” said Rian Feldman, founder of the farm animal rescue, Uncle Neil’s Home (UNH). 

From a full medical exam, Huxley was found to have severe osteoarthritis that requires laser therapy, steroid injections and pain management.

Feldman recalled, “This image of Huxley kept me up at night and filled me with pain and heartache because I could see and feel his immense suffering. She added, “I would see him lying on the ground when I closed my eyes, and I promised him that one day, I would get him out. I didn’t stop fighting until the county surrendered him.”

Photo Credit: Uncle Neil’s Home (Facebook)

And so, once the country accepted the proposal, they immediately brought Huxley to the UNH on December 23, 2021.

And Huxley made himself right at home at the sanctuary.  The once depressed ram now enjoys farm life with his sheep friends and farm staff who love him. He has a new zest on life that makes him welcome each morning.

Photo Credit: Uncle Neil’s Home (Facebook)

Feldman said, “Huxley has brought so much joy into my life, simply because I get to watch him live the life that he always deserved and waited 10 years for.”

Bask in happiness, Huxley.  You deserve it.

Source: The Dodo

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