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Bathroom spider awarded “Employee of the Month”



  • A spider decided to take residence in a couple’s bathroom.
  • The spider’s web caught a lot of bugs.
  • However, the woman didn’t like spiders and wanted to get rid of the arachnid. 

An unexpected visitor moved into Brian Markham’s and his wife’s home last year. In the couple’s bathroom, the visitor took up residence next to a plant on a windowsill.

The Dodo

It turned out to be a little spider. Tiny, yet with enormous dreams that weren’t ignored.

When Markham noticed the little arachnid in that warm nook, he appreciated its presence. Each bug caught in the spider’s web reduced the number of pests in the residence.

And the spider was skilled at his trade. Unfortunately, not everyone shared this viewpoint.

The Dodo

“[My wife] has a strong dislike of spiders and was insisting I get rid of it. I insisted that he was a teeny-tiny guy that posed no threat whatsoever,” Markham revealed.

Markham decided to make things official after realizing that words on behalf of the spider could only go so far.

“I decided to make him ‘Employee of the Month’ instead of killing him, thinking the coveted status would protect him from the lady’s ire,” Markham said.

Markham even created a little certificate for the little fella, naming him Manspider. After all, Markham saw it as an eight-legged superman.

The Dodo

Markham then proudly displayed the miniature award in Manspider’s office for all to see.

And, indeed, that did the trick.

Markham’s wife changed her mind after seeing the award for excellence displayed beside Manspider’s web.


Manspider was eventually able to keep his job because of that employee honor. But he aspired to something more than the bathroom windowsill.

The Dodo

The diligent spider simply stood up and left after several months in that position.

“One day he was no longer there,” Markham said.

There’s no way of knowing where Manspider went since then, but one thing is certain: whoever he’s moved on to is in for a treat.

Source: The Dodo