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Dog Can’t Jump Into Truck So Dad Had To Show Him How [Video]



  • When Weston adopted Dudeson, he was just so relaxed and unbothered. 
  • Except for Weston’s truck which the pup didn’t fancy at all. 
  • So he had to teach Dudeson how to hop into the car by showing him exactly how it’s done on all fours.

Dudeson just found his forever home two weeks ago and his new dad, Weston Mackey, who adopted him from Paw Works in California, instantly became his best friend. He has great composure and not much about his new life seems to fuss him. 

“He is a very happy boy, loving and already loyal with eagerness to learn,” Weston told The Dodo. “His demeanor is very calm and relaxed, not much bothers him really.”

Except for Weston’s truck, which Dudeson was clearly not a fan of!

“He hated getting into my truck, he would [say] nope and stiff those front legs when I got him near the truck door,” Weston said. “I think he was just unsure at the time.”

Photo Credit: Weston Mackey

That would be a bummer because Weston plans on taking Dudeson to many trips and adventures. So he has to find a way to make him get comfortable in his truck. 

When he trained him to go up and down the stairs, he figured he could use the same training method to teach the pup how to get in the car. 

Photo Credit: Weston Mackey

“I showed him how to properly go down my stairs on all fours, that was more of a workout than I thought but he was a pro shortly after,” Weston said. “Which is how I figured out he’s a visual learner.”

So they went to his truck, and showed Dudeson how to hop in. Weston bent down on all fours again and jumped into the truck while Dudeson was intently watching. When it was his turn, the pup hesitated a bit but finally jumped into the vehicle on his own! This made his dad completely thrilled! 

Photo Credit: Weston Mackey

“I was shocked and completely stoked,” he said.

Now, Dudeson is getting used to his new life little by little. Soon enough, both of them will be on many adventures together. There will surely be a lot more visual demonstrations to happen but that’s okay. Weston and Dudeson will do it step by step. 

“He’s still growing and a bit clumsy so I stand there to assist him but he’s not at all afraid of getting in the truck, which makes me happy,” he said.

Source: The Dodo