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Dog Chases After Squirrel And Gets Stuck In Tree



  • Izzy, a pit bull/husky mix, spotted a squirrel and immediately chased it into a tree.
  • The pup had to hang on for dear life as he realized his predicament.
  • Thankfully, firefighters came to save the day and helped him get back down.

You never know what a firefighter’s day can consist of. Their role in ensuring public safety ranges from battling a raging fire to rescuing the occasional pet from a tree.

Just recently, the Caldwell Fire Department of Idaho shared how they had to rescue a dog stuck in a tree.

Photo Credit: Facebook/CaldwellFireIdaho

An animal in distress is no laughing matter, but we can see how such a peculiar sight can elicit a few chuckles.

If you may ask the poor Izzy, a pit bull/husky mix, he would definitely blame the squirrel.

His mom, Christina Danner, shared how Izzy spotted a squirrel and suddenly bolted after it. Without thinking, the pup raced up the tree in hot pursuit, and ended up getting stuck. He had to hang on for dear life when he realized his situation!

Thankfully, the firefighters came to the rescue.

Photo Credit: Facebook/CaldwellFireIdaho

Izzy had to be coaxed out of the tree and down the ladder, but he eventually managed to make it safely back down, where he was treated to a bowl of food.

The fire department remarked, “Perhaps, he will not be so persistent, next time, in chasing squirrels.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/CaldwellFireIdaho

But even the recent misadventure did not cause Izzy to lose his fixation on squirrels.

Christina shared, “He did not learn his lesson. He’s been whining all morning trying to get out and get that squirrel.”

Fortunately, the fire department is always ready to help, because something tells us that Izzy will soon climb up a tree again to continue his squirrel chase.

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Source: Inspire More