Dog finds cooler and doesn’t want to leave it — and that saves a life!

  • Koda and her mom were out for their usual early morning walk, when Koda saw a cooler and insisted to have it opened.
  • As soon as opened, a black cat popped out, gasping for air.
  • The kitty, who was named Juliane, is now safe at a rescue, probably thanking Koda for saving her life.

It was just a usual early morning walk for Koda and her mom until the husky made it an extraordinary day by saving a life.

The two were walking on their regular route past the Fearless Kitty Rescue building at around 5:45 a.m., when Koda suddenly stopped.

Photo Credit: Fearless Kitty Rescue/Facebook

She usually sniffs around the area, but that time was different.

“She made a beeline to our donation bench,” Teryn Jones, events and marketing coordinator at Fearless Kitty Rescue, told The Dodo. “On our donation bench was a cooler that was zipped up, no holes, and then wrapped up in a garbage bag. Koda wouldn’t leave it. She was like, ‘There’s something in there. I want in there! Mom, look!’”

Photo Credit: Fearless Kitty Rescue/Facebook

Koda appeared like persuading her mom to unzip the cooler, which her mom did. As soon as a portion was open, a black cat popped her head out to gasp for some air, looking so relieved to be free.

Photo Credit: Fearless Kitty Rescue/Facebook

The fur mom contacted a volunteer at the rescue, and the abandoned cat was taken in at once.

“She was just shaken up and was kind of in freeze-mode,” Teryn said. “And that’s how she’s been since.”

Fortunately, the little cat, now named Juliane, has been adapting to the life at the rescue.

“She’s so sweet and very nervous and shy,” Teryn said. “But she loves being pet — she purrs and rolls around on her belly. The resilience of her, in going through, what she went through is really amazing.”

“In the Danish culture, the name Juliane means ‘Fearless,’” Fearless Kitty Rescue wrote on Facebook. “And Fearless she is!”

After her surgery of a large mass on her tail, Juliane will be ready for her search for her forever home.

“She’s very sweet and very clean — so she’s your ideal cat,” Teryn said. “She sits and does her own thing, she doesn’t make a mess … She’s just very dainty.”

Juliane might soon forget how she was saved by a husky named Koda, but to us who knew about this story, we strongly believe that guardian angels do exist. And sometimes, they come in the form of a pup.

Source: The Dodo

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