Dog Has Funny Reaction To Her Photos Her Mom Hung On The Wall [Video]

  • Tiktok user @mylilfloofy hung photos of her dog Gnocchi on a wall and the pup kept barking at them.
  • Commenters on the video say that maybe her mom should have asked for Gnocchi’s permission before the photos were hung.
  • Based on Gnocchi’s reaction, maybe the rule of asking for consent before posting should be followed?

Whatever happened to asking permission before posting photos of your friend, your family or your dog?  That’s the first rule, right?  Never post photos that have no explicit approval of the person/dog involved.

Tiktok user @mylilfloofy clearly broke this rule when she had no permission from her Pomeranian dog Gnocchi when she hung up six framed photos of the pup.  In a now viral video, Gnocchi was barking at the wall where her photos were.

@mylilfloofy She’s just like us. Hates pictures of ourselves lol #fyp #dog ♬ Somebody’s Watching Me – Single Version – Rockwell

Commenters are verbalizing what Gnocchi was protesting about. As @ladymad said, “She did not approve them.”@blunchclub added, “This is me when my mom redeems her Shutterfly coupons.”

Some commenters ventured out what the pup was thinking like @dogmomma814: ‘She said, “Mom you know that ain’t my good side.” Meanwhile, @cowgirluni commented, ‘Dog said, “Look at them… just mocking me!”’

@mylilfloofy What does this mean??? #dogbehavior #pomeranian #dogsoftiktok #fyp #funny ♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

Gnocchi is one frustrated dog but I am sure her mom is just so proud of her. Gnocchi simply does not like how she looks in the photos!

Well, this is one lesson that we all have to be reminded of: Consult people and dogs in this case, if you want to hang pictures of them.

Avoid epic reactions. Get their consent.

Source: Pet Helpful

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Sounds like my kid brother when he 1st saw himself in home movies, & declared some “boy” was playing with his pedal car, quite incensed by that “violation”!