Dog Insists On Cuddling To Keep His Family And Himself Safe, Even In Water [Video]

  • A family’s Golden retriever dog named Navó loves to be close to his family at all times.
  • When going swimming, Navó immediately swims to a family member when he sees they are going far from him.
  • Navó insists on swimming cuddles to make him and his family safe aside from plainly loving hugs.

Navó the Golden Retriever loves cuddles. For him, there is nothing like being hugged by Dad, Mom and his whole family to feel safe.  Aside from being a cuddle lover, he is also a thrill seeker who goes hiking and swimming with his dad who is a triathlete.

When his dad trains, he comes along so he can be close to his dad.

But when his dad or any of his family goes too far from him in the water, he’ll jump in and insist on swimming cuddles.

Navó’s mom, Nathalie Weusten said, “Navó loves to swim and is good at it, but [he] feels most secure when he is near one of us. He hates it when one of us is too far away in the water, especially when swimming, as he thinks we might be in danger. We cuddle a lot, [so] I think it also makes him feel safe.”

And giving him hugs is his dad’s way of making his nervousness go away, thus, the water cuddles.

Photo Credit: @navo_thegolden (Instagram)

Cuddling may be his favorite but Navó also loves playing fetch and is always observing everyone and everything around him.  He goes up to people and other animals and is not afraid to make friends.

Even if they get scratches from the swimming cuddles, Weusten said that Navó has fulfilled her dream of having a pet that provides company and companionship. She said, “We are really inseparable. I love him so much … you could say [he is] literally my dream come true!”

Source: The Dodo

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Our Golden Doodle does the same thing. Won’t let us out of his sight without barking at us to stay close!

Great pet!!