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Dog Keeps Picking Out The Same Toy Every Time She’s At The Store [Video]



  • When Doris the dog was adopted by the Watson family, she was given a squeaky plush toy bone.
  • Every time that they go for a walk, Doris would pull her mom towards the grocery store and she would pick out a copy of the toy.
  • The family thinks that the toy reminds Doris that she is loved. 

When Doris was adopted by the Watson family two years ago, she was not shy to show her true colors: “sweet, HILARIOUS, but is also bossy and sassy in the best of ways,” according to her mom Julie Watson.  And she also began running the household.

@days_with_doris Doris knows what she wants #dog #dogsoftiktok #dogs #funnydog #funnydogsoftiktok #doggo ♬ original sound – Doris Rose

And she is also the biggest sentimental pup.  Why?  She insists on buying the same toy that her family gave her when she was adopted.  And she already has around 25 copies of the toy.

What could be special about a squeaky bone? The family thinks maybe it is because it reminds her of that first day when she was first loved by her family.  It reminds her of the feeling of finally belonging to a family and being comforted by the toy.

Photo Credit: @days_with_doris (TikTok))

In the video of @days_with_doris on TikTok, Doris is shown pulling her mom at the grocery store and demanding to bring it home.  Its caption clearly shows that “Doris knows what she wants”.

And this happens every time they go for a walk.  Her mom Julie does not always give in.  But Doris has shown that she really loves the toy and even plays with every single bone and refuses to play with other toys.

Photo Credit: @days_with_doris (TikTok))

Julie said, “We’ll try to play fetch with her in the house with another toy, but she always resorts back to her favorite squeaky, bacon-scented bone.”

Aw. You certainly are loved, Doris!

Source: The Dodo