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Dog Won’t Let Best Friend, A Mini Pumpkin, Out Of Sight [Video]

When Mondu was still a puppy, his mom gave him a pumpkin and he liked it a lot. Three years later, seeing that Mondu has a soft mouth and is gentle with the things...

A Dog With Cancer Called Theo and The Toy Octopus Named After Him

Theo had cancer and he was checking his bucket list when a plush blue toy caught his attention. Getting the toy octopus named after him became bucket list no. 63. The toy company named...

Dog Never Leaves His Favorite Toy Every Time It Needs “Surgery” From Mom [Video]

When Hooch was adopted, his parents gave him a stuffed animal that he became obsessed with even after nearly six years. Through the years, Lovie, the stuffed toy, has gone through a number of...