Dog Recognizes Scent Of Woman Sitting On Bench [Video]

dog recognizes woman on the bench

  • Valeria and Harley have been inseparable for six years, until she had to find work abroad for six months.
  • When Valeria returned, she wanted to check if Harley would still recognize her scent.
  • Harley quickly spotted her, even when she was sitting with her back to him, and was so excited to be reunited!

Valeria Navarro and Harley has had a magical bond between them ever since he was welcomed into her family six years ago.

Dog Recognizes Scent
Photo Credit: Valeria Navarro

Valeria shared, β€œHe’s the love of my life. We have such a connection. He’s literally the thing I love most in the world.”

The pair were inseparable — and Harley would recognize his best friend’s scent anywhere.

Photo Credit: Valeria Navarro

But Valeria had to live abroad — away from Harley — for the past six months. She was hoping to find a job in preparation for a potential move that includes Harley.

Valeria eventually returned home, so she wanted to surprise Harley. She wore a simple hoodie disguise and sat down on a bench at the local park, with her back facing the walkway. She then waited for Harley to walk by and hoped that he would recognize her.

Despite being apart for six months, Harley unmistakably recognized her scent.

Both of them were so happy to be reunited!

Valeria shared, β€œHe recognized me! I was so happy. My heart exploded. He was so excited. It was amazing.”

Let’s take a look at that moment again from Valeria’s perspective:

Truly, Harley holds his best friend’s scent close to his heart and would recognize it anywhere.

Valeria has since put her plans to move on hold. Perhaps being back with Harley has reminded her that it’s exactly where she’s supposed to be.

Dog Recognizes Scent
Photo Credit: Valeria Navarro

β€œWe’re like soul mates. When we’re together, we both feel better,” Valeria shared.

Source: The Dodo

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