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Dog Saw Himself On TV And Flipped Out [Video]



  • The news station picked up a video of a dog putting up a show for another dog for one of their television segments to air the next day.
  • The dog saw himself on their television and flipped out while his owner videotaped the whole thing.
  • Another news station picked up the second video posted online and aired it again on television.

Making it on onto the news broadcasted on national television is hard enough, but this dog made it twice, simply for being his happy-go-lucky self.

Angela Lally Labat posted a video online to share one particular moment where Bronn was putting on quite a show for the Liam. Bronn appears to be trying to do something to entertain the baby. From the looks of things, Liam is enjoying every minute of it.

It was not only Liam who enjoyed the little show. The video posted on Facebook collected thousands of views online, and if you did see the video clip, you would know why.

The video posted racked up more attention after the local news station decided to share the video on-air. The video clip featuring the two was on the television the next day.

The reaction from the dog after seeing himself on their television was priceless. Bronn was inside their house, watching as their video was broadcasted on-air, and based on how he reacted, he was ecstatic that he had made the local news.

The dog flipped out, probably because he could not believe that he is on television. Lucky for him, his time on-air did not end after that segment.

Angela posted another video of her dog. This time, the post was an adorable reaction video that was taped when the dog flipped out after seeing himself on the television. This video racked up again thousands of viewers online that lead to another TV news segment focused on the reaction video of the dog.


Too bad, but this time, the reaction of the dog after seeing himself on their television again was not caught on film. This is probably for the best because if Angela had recorded Bronn again, they would probably get picked up then aired on television again and again. They might even be stuck on a loop, an endless cycle of Bronn reacting to videos of himself reacting.

Besides, the dog probably has better things to do.

Source: The Dodo