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Dog walker’s girlfriend gets the sweetest surprise when he shows up at her house



  • Millie’s boyfriend owns a dog-walking service.
  • Occasionally, her boyfriend would tell her to peek out the window as he and his clients walked past. 
  • Millie has painted some of his boyfriend’s clients.

Millie Morris’ favorite time of the day is when Chris, her dog-walker boyfriend,  comes to visit with his animal client.

Morris occasionally photographs the lovely scene outside her window.

Facebook/Dudes and Dogs

Chris will sometimes give Morris a time frame to peek out the window and then stroll by with a nicely staged scene.

Morris is currently working from home, so she is usually nearby to watch them from her bedroom window. She will also occasionally accompany Chris on walks so she can play with the dogs and get moving. 

Chris worked at a dog daycare before starting Dudes and Dogs, a dog walking service.

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Whereas many couples will get updates from their partner about office drama or other colleagues at work, Morris gets to hear who pooped on whose head, who was afraid of vehicles, and who jumped in the pond.

Morris adores all of the dogs, but her favorites are Moog, a black pug, Ted, a large, fluffy golden doodle, and Summer, who is a huge ball of energy.

Chris called Morris one day to let him know he and Summer were swinging by to say hello.

Facebook/Dudes and Dogs

“When Summer saw him looking up at my window, she jumped up at him to get his attention,” Morris said. “That’s how they ended up looking [like they were getting] engaged.”

Many of the dogs value their time with Chris as much as Morris does. She claims that others are Romanian rescues who must be walked separately on specific routes because they get anxious. Morris added that Chris considers them all to be his favorites and is quite loyal to them.

Facebook/Dudes and Dogs

Morris no longer has dogs of her own, but she has painted a few pictures of pups who have made an impression on her while strolling past.

“We’re working through them as a surprise for the owners,” Morris said.

Source: The Dodo