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Dog walks miles to visit best friend’s grave



  • Leonardo and Fulmine are the best of friends.
  • Unaware that Leonardo had already passed away, Fulmine decided to find his best friend, who was laid to rest two miles away from home.
  • Surprisingly, Fulmine was able to find Leonardo’s grave, and made frequent visits every day.

Dogs are really the most loyal, selfless animals on the planet.

Take it from Fulmine, a dog who endures miles of walking just to see his best friend — even if it’s only his graveyard that he’s seeing.

Photo Credit: Sara Sechi/The Dodo

Leonardo, Fulmine’s owner and best friend, passed away, and the poor dog seemed oblivious about it.

Leonardo’s daughter Sara Sechi shared that Fulmine was left under their care when her father spent days in the hospital due to an illness. Fulmine stayed home most of the time, but it was obvious how much she dreaded to see Leonardo come home finally.

“Every time a car approached, Fulmine would run to the gate in case it was my father,” Sara said.

Sadly, Fulmine still hasn’t learned of Leonardo’s death until after the day of his funeral, when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere at Leonardo’s grave, much to Sara’s surprise.

Photo Credit: Sara Sechi/The Dodo

“I did not expect to find him there,” Sara said. “He hadn’t been at the funeral. I have no idea how he knew where to go.”

Fulmine walked nearly two miles from home, seemingly discerning where his best friend, whom he hasn’t seen in weeks, was. 

Since then, Fulmine made this visit his daily routine, making sure to see Leonardo every day. According to neighbors, they would usually see Fulmine at the cemetery, spending some quality time with Leonardo.

Photo Credit: Sara Sechi/The Dodo

Though it still remains a mystery as to how Fulmine found his way to where Leonardo was laid to rest, Sara believes that it was their genuine, unconditional love for each other that had led Fulmine there.

“I like to think he’s guided by his love for my father. Or that my father led him there,” Sara said. “It’s one of those strange things without a real explanation.”

Photo Credit: Sara Sechi/The Dodo

Moved by a little dog’s love for her father, Sara made sure Fulmine will never have to endure the sadness of losing a loved one, so she took him with her, until they both are able to move forward and make new memories together.

“It makes me emotional to think about how much my father loved Fulmine, and how much Fulmine loves him,” Sara said. “It’s sad to see him grieving, but we will slowly overcome this sad moment together.”

Photo Credit: Sara Sechi/The Dodo

For both Fulmine and Sara, Leonardo’s love will remain a strong motivating force in their lives — the kind they will cherish forever.

Source: The Dodo