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Dog With Unique Looks Who Was Returned To Shelter For Being Too Hyperactive Now Found His Forever Home!



  • Energetic dog, Brodie, was attacked by his mom when he was young and left him with a disfigured face.
  • Despite that, he is pretty much like any other dogs and his new parents love him for that.
  • He is intelligent and he learns new tricks fast, that’s why his mom plans to make him a therapy dog to help people with disabilities like him.

Other than his unique face, 1-year-old Brodie is just like any other dogs, adorable and energetic. 

The German shepherd and border collie mix was left disfigured permanently after his mother attacked him when he was only 13 days old. His face and skull were in bad shape, and his one eye was partially blind.

But despite all that, Brodie moved on with his life and got to be adopted from Old MacDonald Kennels — the shelter where she stayed in Albert, Canada. Although, the first time he was adopted, he was soon returned after 5 months because of being too hyperactive. 

Photo Credit: @bestboybrodie (Instagram)

After he was back in the shelter, couple Amanda Richter and Brad Ames saw his pictures online and couldn’t stop thinking about him. 

“I looked at his photos every day and even cried a few times. We felt drawn to him for some reason,” Amanda recalled to Metro UK. “We met him, took him for a walk and hung out with him for a few hours and ended up bringing him home the same day because the rescue really felt we were a great fit.”

Photo Credit: @bestboybrodie (Instagram)

Since then, Brodie has been living his great life in his new forever home and he was a perfect fit! He is smart and he learns new tricks easily. Although he is truly hyper, he can be trained to be the best as he could possibly be.

Moreover, Amanda plans to make Brodie a therapy dog so he could also help other people especially those with disabilities who can relate to him. 

Photo Credit: @bestboybrodie (Instagram)

“We also hope that we can raise awareness for other special needs dogs and show people that just because someone or something looks different, they can be perfectly imperfect in their own unique way,” Amanda said.

Source: Inspire More