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Dog’s Solo Game of Fetch Has Got the Internet Glued [Video]



  • The internet is abuzz with a Lab dog teaching herself to play fetch.
  • The video shows the dog wagging her tail, tippy tapping while waiting for the ball to launch and flying along to catch it.
  • More than 4 million people have already watched it and fans are going gaga over the adorable pooch.

When we leave our pets alone at home, we always make sure that they are entertained or we would go back to a home in shambles.  Pet parents also see to it that they are fed well and so we buy gadgets that dispense treats or scoot-proof silicone food bowls to prevent them from accumulating air in their stomachs.

We go to great lengths for our fur babies.  But one dog has got the internet glued with her new toy— an automatic ball tossing machine.


Even Regina George would have to admit that this is SO. FETCH.🎾 ♬ original sound – The Farmer’s Dog

And since her parents are not there to play ball with her, she took it upon herself to play fetch, solo.

And she is loving the game!  She waits with her tail wagging for the ball to be launched and when the ball goes flying, she takes off after it!  Her happiness just cannot be contained! 

Then she brings back the ball and drops it into the machine and the excitement never wavers as she waits for the ball to be blasted again.

Photo Credit: @thefarmersdog (TikTok)

The net is hooked.  @thefarmersdog video has been over 4 million times already and those who have yet to see it are sure to be glued too!

Here’s what her fans have to say about the adorable video: @dvdfstr15 commented, “This is my favorite thing that I’ve seen today.” @lunaginn wrote, “the lifted paw when [she’s] getting ready 😭💕 and @biabella00’s, ” It’s just as precious as her “see-saw jumping & helicopter tail.”

Photo Credit: @thefarmersdog (TikTok)

Still, one fan commented on the speed at which the gadget dispenses the ball: @youngtjayy said, “I don’t like how long she has to wait!!!”

Oh, but then we wouldn’t have a full look at her smiling and excited face as she waits for the ball to be hurtled, right?

Fast or slow, the Labrador retriever is having a grand time.