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Family Cat Finds Her Way Back Home After 6 Years



  • Tilly the cat had gone missing in 2014 when the family had left her with a sitter.
  • The news about the Rivers’ missing cat comes 6 years after she had gone missing.
  • The cat found her way back to the family that loves her, and she can’t seem to stop cuddling them.

The Rivers family came back home from their 2014 vacation to find out their cat they had left with the sitter had gone missing. Tilly had been in the family back when she was just a kitten, and the idea that the cat is lost had left the family devastated.

Emily Rivers

They wasted no time in trying everything to look for the lost cat, but they could not find her.

“We would stand outside and call her name every day for about six months after we got home,” Emily Rivers told The Dodo.

It took years before the family started to accept that their cat might not come home. Just when they were about ready to move on, they received a call from a veterinarian clinic about their missing cat.

Six years after their pet had gone missing, someone had finally found Tilly.

“Our initial reaction was one of shock, we never ever thought this day would come,” Emily said. “She had been a local stray for about six months just a few streets over from ours, we couldn’t believe it! I honestly didn’t want to believe it until I saw her as I didn’t want to get my hopes up again.” 

Emily Rivers

The cat had apparently been showing up at a house over the months she was missing. It took a while before the family living at the house brought her over to the clinic. They wanted to see if the cat was microchipped, luckily, she was.

The Rivers ran over to the clinic as immediately after the phone call to see the cat they had been missing for years.

Emily Rivers

“Tilly just snuggled into us as if to say, ‘I’m finally home,’” Emily said, adding, “I can say for certain she remembers us.” 

Emily Rivers

The cat had settled quickly into her old house, so thrilled to finally be back there with the family that loves her.

Tilly now seems determined to not lose sight of her family after the reunion. The cat refuses to be without her family, and she appears to want to have somebody on her side, at all times.

Emily Rivers

“She hasn’t stopped eating and curls into my arms every night for cuddles,” Emily said. “She follows us everywhere, never lets us out of her sight. We thought she’d try and get out again but she has no interest at this stage of leaving the house.” 

There is nothing out of the picture anymore, and the six-year time apart had probably just kept the cat closer to the family. Tilly is back to her normal self, and the family is so happy that she is finally home.

“We’re just so overjoyed to have our baby back,” Emily said.

Source: The Dodo