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Family Creates Tiny Adorable Homes For Their Dogs



  • Mother-daughter duo Diane and Kennedi love their adorable Yorkshire terriers, Ginger and Fergie.
  • So they decided to craft adorable homes for the precious pups.
  • After two weeks of construction and redecorating, they transformed their spare room to include a window seat and double dog houses!

Diane and Kennedi love their dogs to bits — and they just couldn’t resist spoiling them as much as possible.

And who can blame them? Just take a look at these cute faces!

Photo Credit: Twitter

Ginger and Fergie, their Yorkshire terriers, are in for a wonderful surprise.

And with the quarantine giving them some extra time in their hands, they decided to busy themselves with a redecorating project. So they transformed their spare room and gave their beloved pups their own piece of real estate.

The big window in the spare room had initially given them the idea to create a window seat with room for storage. But with the two pups in mind, they decided to craft two built-in dog houses!

Photo Credit: Twitter

Diane shared the whole process of the project on Twitter — from putting the frame together to painting and installing flooring.

Photo Credit: Twitter

The adorable Ginger and Fergie made sure to supervise every step of the construction. And when Kennedi needed a break, they provided plenty of cuddle sessions.

Photo Credit: Twitter

They finished their masterpiece in only two weeks.

The spare room has now been transformed — complete with window seat and double dog houses!

Photo Credit: Twitter

Those tiny windows and entrances look so adorable — they really suit the precious pups! They even have their own portraits hung on their walls.

Photo Credit: Twitter

It seems like Ginger and Fergie have unleashed Diane’s creativity. She’s even planning to add tiny couches!

These adorable pups are truly living the good life — just as they deserve.

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