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Father-Daughter Duo Put On Hilarious Costumes When Taking Out The Trash To Put Smiles On People’s Faces



  • This man decided to put on hilarious and quirky costumes every time he takes out the trash to the dumpster to put smiles on people’s faces.
  • His daughter tagged along on this dress-up show after children were permitted outdoors.
  • The father-daughter matching costumes make them a hit in the community.

There is something good that came out of the coronavirus outbreak. This pandemic pushed people around the world to up their game, to push their creativity beyond limits.

Jaime is the type of father that wants to do everything with his daughter, even playing dress up every chance he gets. Now that their family outing is canceled because of the safety guidelines in their country, he had to come up with a solution that would keep smiles on their faces even if they are stuck at home.

“What can be done during a global pandemic without being able to leave home, only to buy or throw away the garbage?” he wondered.

This is where the idea started. He decided on doing something because he wanted to put smiles back on people’s faces.

Over the next few weeks, he puts on a costume every time he takes out the trash to dump it around the corner. This few minutes out on the street permits his little show to make his neighbors smile.

His hilarious, quirky costume choices made him popular in his community. One day, he was a robot.

The next, he was the Invisible Man taking out his trash.

It gets better. Jaime brought his daughter out with him after safety guidelines were eased out and children were finally cleared to leave their homes. Here is a list of their most epic costumes!


1. Olaf and Elsa

2. Ballet dancers, tutus and all

3. The cutest ladybug and black cat

4. Rapunzel and Pascal

5. Spider-Man and Spider-Man Jr.

6. Goku and Gohan from “Dragon Ball”

7. Belle and the Beast from the classic Disney movie

8. Claire and a T-Rex from “Jurassic World”

9. Batman and Wonder Woman

There is no doubt that the father-daughter duo put smiles on people’s faces after this dress-up parade. They can share this sweet memory from this point on.

Source: Inspire More