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Football star surprises young girl who dreams to be just like her [Video]



  • Kalani Love of Victoria, Australia dreams of becoming a professional Australian football player, just like her favorite star, Jess Hosking.
  • The two had a chance to meet after a game, where Kalani gave the athlete a letter.
  • Jess was touched by the young girl’s gesture and surprised her with a visit in return!

Kalani Love of Victoria, Australia dreams of becoming a professional Australian rules football player, just like her favorite star, Jess Hosking: an Australian footballer who plays for the Carlton Football Club in the AFL Women’s division.

Just like any other fan girls, Kalani hoped to meet her idol, and it sure happened — a memorable experience that left the little girl buzzing with excitement for weeks!

Photo Credit: Nicole Love/Facebook

Jess also remembered that meet-and-greet, as well as Kalani and her mom Nicole Love. As they had a mutual work with the local school district, Jess reconnected with Nicole.

“Kalani had come to one of my games a few weeks earlier. While I was warming up, she and her mum Nicole ran down to the boundary to say hello,” Jess explained. “I managed to have a quick 30-second chat and photo. Her mum had told me she wrote a letter for me after meeting me at the game.”

In Kalani’s letter, she said how Jess has inspired her to be a “footy girl,” from once wishing to be a netballer.

Photo Credit: Nicole Love/Facebook

Jess was touched! “I was so excited about the letter that I couldn’t believe someone could have that reaction to seeing me, reading her letter knowing that I helped Kalani decide to play football, I couldn’t stop smiling!”

Moved, the star athlete put together some football-themed goodies for the young girl and met up with Nicole to hand her the gifts. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Jess forgot the presents, which made her think of a better plan.

“I thought perhaps it may be a little more special if I dropped the prezzies around and paid Kalani a visit after reading her amazing letter. So we arranged the next day to surprise Kalani at her house,” Jess said.

Photo Credit: jesshosking/Instagram

The next day, Kalani got one of her life’s biggest surprises when she saw her star player standing right outside her door!

Instantly, Kalani was in tears, overjoyed with that home visit by no other than Jess herself.

And her reaction? It was beyond heartwarming.

Source: Inspire More