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High School Basketball Team Adds Wrong Number, Ends Up FaceTiming Tom Brady And The Bucs [Video]



  • A freshman basketball team was adding a teammate to the group chat when they added a wrong number.
  • It turns out that the number belonged to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Sean Murphy-Bunting.
  • He then FaceTimed the teens, who ended up meeting and greeting the players — including Tom Brady!

A high school basketball team ended up having an unforgettable FaceTime call with the defending Super Bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — after adding the wrong number to the group chat.

Vinny Tartaglia of the Notre Dame Preparatory School and Marist Academy in Pontiac was adding a number to the freshman basketball team’s group chat, not knowing that one digit was wrong.

The person who was added responded, “Y’all meant to add me to this? You know who I am?”

Before the team had any chance to react, the person replied with a picture and introduced himself.

“I’m Sean Murphy-Bunting,” he wrote, along with a selfie of himself in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ locker room.

Photo Credit: P. Jason Whalen

The group chat didn’t know how to respond. They thought it was a joke, after all.

It turns out that Sean, a Michigan native, still had a local number.

In case that wasn’t enough to surprise the high schoolers, Sean decided to FaceTime them! The teens got to meet and greet the Bucs players!

One of the students, Nate Seaman, recalled, “Leonard Fournette walked us through the locker room and showed us all the players. Sean Murphy-Bunting, Mike Evans, Lavonte David, Gronk (Rob Gronkowski), Richard Sherman. That’s when we all said, ‘Where’s the GOAT?’”

They got what they wanted — star quarterback Tom Brady greeted them on screen, saying, “What’s up, fellas?”

Photo Credit: P. Jason Whalen

One of the teens’ dad, P. Jason Whalen, shared in a Twitter thread that the encounter made them lose their minds. He said that they couldn’t believe that “the Super Bowl champs got randomly added to a freshman basketball team group chat.”

Sean ended the call by inspiring the boys to “ball out this season.”

Nate said, “They didn’t have to do that for us. They could have easily said, ‘I’m going to leave the group chat’ and just left, but Murphy-Bunting and Fournette made our day.”

Source: NBC News