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Garlic the Cat: Art Critic Extraordinaire at the Vet!



Quick Smiles:

  • Garlic the Siamese cat’s dramatic reaction to wall art: so fierce that the vet had to take it down during her visit!
  • Helpful tips for cat parents: “Leave [the carrier] out in the house with cozy bedding inside so your cat can explore.”
  • Relatable comments from viewers: “The bag of litter I get has a cat on it, and it freaks my cats out,” shared by @kaaytin.

When we think of cats and their quirky personalities, we expect them to react to various things – maybe a new toy or a change in their meal. But art? Well, that’s new. And Garlic the Siamese cat has given us a whole new reason to giggle!

On October 4, a TikTok video by user @lemoncrumbz showcased the hilarious antics of Garlic during her vet visit.


girlie shes not even REAL ♬ original sound – Emma

What got her hissing? A particular piece of wall artwork. Yes, you read that right. This feisty feline made it abundantly clear she didn’t care for that art one bit! So much so that the veterinarian’s office had to take it down. To avoid future drama, they’ve even noted her art preferences in her chart!

Now, many of our feline buddies aren’t always thrilled about vet visits, and if you’ve got a nervous kitty, there are ways to help.

Begin by introducing them to the carrier ahead of time. Placing cozy bedding inside can make it a relaxing retreat. And during the vet trip, a calming tone of voice, coupled with a favored toy or treat, can work wonders.


Commenters had a field day with Garlic’s art review.

TikTok user @sixteenlokos remarked, “I know its stressing her out, but OMG this is so freaking funny.”

Meanwhile, @kaaytin shared her own feline tale: “The bag of litter I get has a cat on it, and it freaks my cats out. I just hide the litter in the closet now because it was causing issues.”