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Golden Keeps Joining Owner In The Shower [Video]



  • A golden retriever thought that he had to shower every time his owner did.
  • He would always join his owner in the shower and even tried to dry himself with a towel afterward.
  • Viewers loved how enthusiastic he was about taking a bath.

Duke the golden retriever loves water so much that he thinks he has to shower every time his owner does.

In a video shared on TikTok, Duke can be seen having the time of his life as he joins his owner in the shower. He tries biting the water, begs to come back inside, and even tries to dry himself off by wrapping himself up in a towel. How adorable!

The video has received over 800,000 views and 80,500 likes.

One commenter called it “unbelievable” while another viewer commented, “that’s crazy that he tries to dry himself… like I’ve never even seen that online before.”

Have you ever wondered why some dogs hate taking baths while some dogs love the water?

According to Hill’s Pet Nutrition, some dogs can have bad associations with water or baths. They explained that while swimming or splashing in the water is considered “a fun activity they choose to participate in,” baths are “typically forced on dogs.” Dogs can especially dislike “being handled and having their bodies moved around in ways they don’t like,” which means a “loss of choice and control over what happens to them” and “can be very upsetting to a dog.”

The website added that bathing dogs ultimately comes down to owner preference.

Photo Credit: Autri Taheri/Unsplash

“Short-haired breeds with healthy skin don’t actually require bathing for their own benefit, and they don’t really need to take regular baths, unless they tend to get dirty a lot,” they explained. “In many cases, wiping them down with pet wipes might be all that’s needed. However, if you have a wrinkly breed like a pug or shar-pei, you should also be sure to wipe the folds between their skin regularly.”

Golden retrievers, meanwhile, are known to be friendly and energetic breeds who love water. This could be because they were originally bred to retrieve ducks and other fowl for hunters in Scotland.


Dog-care website Wag Walking explained, “They have dense, water-repellent outer coats with thick undercoats to protect them against the cold. It’s not only a good source of physical exercise, it’s also important for their mental stimulation and overall well-being.”

Other pet parents shared their experiences. KJ shared how his pet “loves baths and absolutely hates showers.” Dainty Joey shared that they “had a very different reaction” when they attempted this with their cat.

Source: Newsweek