Good Samaritan tale: Couple “adopted” delivery driver amid Texas storm

  • Chelsea Timmons made her last delivery to Austin, Texas when she was stranded because of the storm.
  • Doug Condon and Nina Richardson offered their home for Chelsea to stay, until the weather has gotten better.
  • Chelsea has been so grateful for the couple’s kindheartedness, as she stayed there for five days!

The catastrophic Texas winter storm continued to cause havoc, hampering the state’s day-to-day operations, delivery services, among them.

Photo Credit: Christina Zdanowicz/CNN

Chelsea Timmons, who makes delivery services for a living, knew exactly how unyielding the situation was, but nevertheless had to show up for work.

She wasn’t expecting she’d be spending the next few days in the house of her customers — who are total strangers!

Doug Condon and Nina Richardson, who own the house where Chelsea landed to, hurried towards her when she accidentally crushed over their flowerbed. Albeit worried, Chelsea was grateful to end up in there.

Photo Credit: Christina Zdanowicz/CNN

“I’m just extremely fortunate that this is where my car crashed,” Chelsea said. “It was in their flower bed. It wasn’t in a ditch. It wasn’t on the side of the road. I was stuck someplace safe and warm.”

As the crisis in Texas continued to grapple its citizens, people start to open up their homes to serve as Good Samaritans to those who are left stranded and in the brink of danger.

According to Chelsea, she chose Austin as her delivery area because the pay is much better, even though she lives three hours away from there.

“I was going down very slowly, remembering to tap my brake,” she recalled. “I tapped more aggressively and it just still kept sliding. My heart just dropped as I just slid right towards their house and I just closed my eyes and just prayed that I did not hit these people’s home.”

When she informed the couple that she had already arrived with their groceries and that she was stuck, they did not hesitate to help her.

While waiting for the tow truck to get her car out, Doug invited Chelsea inside their home to make sure she was warm and safe.

“They invited me inside and of course, I was just feeling very awkward coming into a stranger’s home. But they were super kind,” Chelsea said.

Incidentally, no tow truck showed up, and the couple were not letting Chelsea go out in the cold.

Chelsea ended up staying longer as the situation worsened, and the couple were more than happy to accommodate her in their home. They even celebrated Valentine’s Day together!

Photo Credit: Christina Zdanowicz/CNN

“That was definitely not how I expected my Valentine’s Day to go,” Chelsea shared. “We had a great dinner, I was warm, I was fed and it was just amazing and I thought it was just going to be for one night, but here I am, day five.”

The three managed to happily get through the storm, enjoying their company. For Doug and Nina, they hope that others would have done the same for a stranger needing help.

Source: CNN

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