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Grandma Goes On Marvel Superhero Moviefest And Takes Notes To Be Closer With 13 Grandkids [Video]



  • One grandma was filmed going the extra mile to be on the same level as her fanatic Marvel film grandkids.
  • Grandma Cheryl Skiados is on a Marvel movies marathon and taking notes on every movie just to know what to talk about with her grandkids.
  • The video of Grandma Cheryl Skiados has now reached more than 7 million views and viewers think she is amazing.

Grandparents are really amazing.  They do everything for their grandkids.  And one grandma in her 70s was filmed going through 30 Marvel superhero movies and taking notes on each one just to be on the same level with her grandkids.  She wants to have an idea of what her grandkids are raving about so she could talk about it with them. 

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The kiddos whose ages range from 6 to 22, are Marvel heroes fanatics.  And grandma just wants to be closer to each one.

Pretty amazing, right? Well, Cheryl Skiados is one super grandma.  And her grandson Jackson King, could not help but be proud of her.

The 18-year-old Jackson just moved in with her grandma and he was the one who filmed her as she went through the movie marathon. Jackson said, “She is watching them in the order they came out and she asked if I wanted to watch one with her, so of course, I said ‘yes’.

Grandma Cheryl started with Iron Man, released in 2008 and will probably stop with the latest, ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’.  By the time the new movies will be released, she will be up to date.

Just imagine grandma Cheryl sitting for hours, diligently taking notes of all the 30 movies so she can relate to her 13 grandkids’ interests.    

So far, Jackson says his grandma’s favorite is Thor—’because the actor is hot.’

Jackson’s video has already garnered nearly 7 million views and counting, plus hundreds and thousands of likes, reaching 1 million views within just hours of posting!  

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Jackson said, “I remember I posted the video on TikTok. Then I set my phone down and watched an episode of a tv show, and then when I picked up my phone I had 3,000+ notifications.”

Grandma Cheryl thinks it is funny how she’s getting all the attention after the video breaking the net. But she said, “her heart was warmed, and she felt touched by all the comments.”

Your grandkids are lucky to have you, Grandma Cheryl!


Source: Good News Network