Grieving Woman Gets Tattoo Inked With Ashes Of Beloved Late Dog

  • Robyn Moscrop lost her beloved pet Bronson unexpectedly from an unknown disease.
  • The cremationist clued her in on other pet owners who had their tattoos using the ashes of their beloved pets.
  • Robyn’s tattooist boyfriend immortalized Bronson’s image on her skin using the dog’s ashes mixed into the ink.

Robyn Moscrop grew up loving bull terriers.  So, when she had the opportunity to rescue one of the breeds, she went for it.  When she got him, Bronson was around a year old, deaf and a stray. 

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In Robyn’s care, Bronson became spoiled and treated like a baby who had his own social calendar for playdates with other bull terriers.

She remembers, “He was a crazy dog. He made such an impression on everyone because he had such a personality.” She continued, “He just kept me really busy and I’d see other people with their really well-behaved dogs and I’d be thinking ‘oh my god, why can my dog not be like that?’”

Photo Credit: Kennedy News/SWNS

But Bronson did not get to live long.  He was just short of three years when he suddenly passed away from unknown causes.

Robyn was devastated.

While at the cremationist, she learned that some owners used their beloved pets’ ashes to ink their tattoos. Robyn admitted, “I’d never heard of that before. I told my boyfriend and he said ‘yeah, I’ve heard artists have done it.’”

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Her boyfriend is a tattooist who supported the idea and agreed to do it.

Thus, Bronson is etched in Robyn’s body where he would always be with his mum.

Robyn said, “It’s not something I could lose or misplace, it’s always there. Seeing it when it was done was really emotional, I did have a cry.”

Photo Credit: Kennedy News/SWNS

“It sounds silly really, but sometimes when we’re at places and say I’m just wearing a t-shirt, I just think ‘oh, he’s here with me and seeing all this too,” she added.

Bronson may be running free now but he lives in his mom’s heart and body. 

Source: Good News Network

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