Heartbreaking: Loyal Dog Has To Say Goodbye To Best Friend After Being Hit by Car [Video]

  • An accident left a dog severely injured and lying by the highway with his companion barking beside him.
  • The rescue team named them Heart and Soul and Soul had to be put down and they gave Heart time to say goodbye to him.
  • The grieving Heart is with the team and will be given up for adoption when she’s ready and she will have Soul’s ashes in a locket on her collar.

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals on earth.  And they would fight tooth and nail just to be with their companions.  To see them say goodbye to their friend is so heartbreaking.

But when circumstances force them to be separated by death, they grieve like humans.

Heart and Soul’s story is an example. 

When Stray Rescue of St. Louis checked on an injured dog, another dog was barking beside it.

Natalie Thomson and her team pulled over and saw that the dog on the ground was hit by a car and was badly injured.  They brought them to a veterinary center. 

Both dogs had no collars or microchips. The team named them Heart and Soul.  

The badly injured Soul was sedated and checked. Thomson said, “Our veterinarians saw a bad break in his back, they said it was ‘severed’ and wouldn’t be able to heal.”  

She added, “At Stray Rescue, we will do what it takes to save a life, but if there is no chance at quality of life, the kindest thing is to say goodbye.”

They gave Heart time to bid goodbye to Soul as they could see she wanted to be with him. The team was hoping that Heart would understand what was happening.  They placed her in an apartment with big, cushy blankets where they sat with her. 

Thomson related, “At first, she was scared and growly, but then she didn’t want us to leave her. She’s starting to open up. She was also very dirty and stinky—her fur was covered in something very sticky. We gave her a nice, sudsy bath this morning and will start the healing.”

The team is one with Heart in grieving Soul’s passing.

A Facebook user commented, “I can hardly see to write for the tears streaming down my face. I’m so incredibly heartbroken for Heart and Soul.”

Another replied, “I’m crying too hard right now. My heart hurts for her to have to say goodbye. They definitely know.”

The team is taking care of the grieving Heart now.  When Heart will be ready for her forever home, she will have a small pendant with Soul’s ashes on her collar.  The team had it made for her so Heart will always have Soul with her.

Hugs, Heart.

Source: Newsweek

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My heart is breaking and the tears are flowing reading this story. In July my 15 year old female Shih Tzu crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Two and a half weeks ago, her 14 year adopted Shih Tzu brother crossed over. After his “sister” passed in July, all he did was mope around the house. They were a bonded pair being togetherv14 years. Their original owners got the male when he was about 3 months old and the female was a little over a year old. I adopted them when they were 4 and 3 yrs old . Knowing animals go through the same grieving process we do, I can only believe my male missed her so much because they had been together since he was 3 months old.

I thank you and your team for all the effort that you have given to these dogs. God bless you! I was crying while reading this story as it touched my ❤.

This is so sad. My heart broke for Heart, They had a love that no human can understand. I do hope someone will give Heart another buddy. I hope she dont get sick and very depressed from missing her buddy, I think someone should try to find another buddy for her that looks like the buddy she lost.

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